Men’s League Wk 1 results

A week of ups and downs… Finally the weather cooperated (to an extent). It was still a bit cool but the sun shined and the course was in fine condition (despite the fact that I couldn’t cut or roll the greens Wednesday morning due to frost) OK… ups… The Hulls where Mitch the younger shot a week low gross 32 and Larry the elder shot a respectable 42 net 32 and took a league leading 30 individual points … downs… their opponents defending champs Dan Gulino and Richard McGlynn. Up… Brian Wheaton returns and plays to a net 25. Down… Brian Wheaton’s handicap plunges 5 strokes to a more realistic (maybe too realistic?) 12. Up… Thomas Chairvolotti’s 34 net 29… Down… his opponent next week… Dad… Mike had, by his standards, a tough week. (Thomas will give Dad 3 strokes in next week’s match)… Up? Mike Lor and Bill Drew who birdied the first and eighth holes, respectively to split the $63 skins pot – $31.50 each… Down? The 21 players who FAILED to hit and hold the third green even after I moved the tees up to just outside 150 yards. That means a $42 carry over going into next weeks near pin pot… Nice payoff if you can hit and hold the second green! If you’re one of the 13 players who passed on the week 1 competition it will cost you $7 instead of $5 to play (if you want that carryover cash)

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