Week 3 League Results

Well the “Substitute of Last Resort” was called into action again with the usual disappointing results… so… if you know you can’t make it on any given Wednesday you better reach out for your roster and call in a real sub (I’ll email it to you shortly… and I distributed a few before I got called to the first tee… pick up a hard copy next week if you like). It’s been said that “Those who can, do… those who can’t, teach” and perhaps that’s my motto. At least it was yesterday when I turned a duck hook, six grounders, and two pop ups off of the tee into a stellar 42, net 32 … Gary, you can thank me later for the 5 measly points I contributed to the effort. Of course Cody Rieder posting a handicap busting 33 net 26 didn’t help my cause either.

Speaking of 33’s… there were a few more… Dan Gulino and Mitch Hull… and the relentless Mike Lor topped that with a 31. And Net scores? Fifteen of Thirty Six scored net par 29 or better! And as a 90% handicap league any net of 32 or better could indicate that your handicap is heading down… and 25 of you beat that mark! Perhaps my course setup was too easy? Or are you all just getting that much better?

As for team standings, Mitch and Larry Hull remain on top after squeaking out a win against Mike Lor / John Mulloy 49 – 41 … Last year’s champs Dan Gulino and Rich McGlynn continue to suffer hard luck … but perhaps not for long after shooting net 29 and 30 respectively… Mike Chevy and Tim Maxim turned in a net 31 and 24(!!!) to take the match 53-37… It wasn’t all hard luck for the champs as Rich McGlynn struck near pin on hole 8 with a 9’2″ effort (good for $38)… had he sunk his birdie putt he would have won a skin too.

Speaking of skins… it’s yet another week where the shear number of players halving holes makes for a big payoff for one lucky golfer. He might have shared the pot with his partner had he not covered John Mulloy’s near ace on #4 … John sunk his putt but partner Mike Lor covered it with his own birdie putt and then promptly birdied #5 to keep the whole pot ($57) for himself.

Just a reminder… here at MGC we PLAY IT AS IT LIES … Winter rules are for… WINTER! For the moment the sand trap on #5 is ground under repair and you are allowed a free drop at the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole. Sand traps on #2 and #4 are IN PLAY. Please smooth out the trap as best as you can on exiting… They will be raked before matches begin but you need to keep them in condition. Remember… fix your divots, ball marks, and smooth your traps…”The Par you save may be your own!”

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