Men’s League Week 5 results

Took three days to get through all 9 matches of our 18 team league; The Hulls started week 5 off a day early so Larry could make his Wednesday afternoon appointment against Harry and Brian. Wednesday had enough rain/thunder to make things a bit uncomfortable for most if not all… and so Gary and Ron agreed to play Bill and Skip on Thursday at 630 PM… Communication is everything – if you can’t or don’t want to play at 430 Wednesday (I refer to that as “PAR”) then a call and/or an email to your partner and opponents can get the ball rolling.

In that Tuesday match, Harry Saslow made excellent use of the 7 strokes Mitch Hull was giving; Harry won or split on 6 of those 7 holes and furthermore split on one and won outright on the other of two holes he played Mitch head to head… But that wasn’t enough to stem the Hull tide as Larry Hull seemed to consistently best his opponent Brian Wheaton by a stroke on almost every hole… this resulted in the Hulls taking the match 57-33.

The Wednesday matches included Mike Chairvolotti’s tee shot and near pin effort on #6 – his tee shot could have ended up on the Lady’s tee on #7 but instead struck a greenside pine tree and bounded to just outside 20 feet… good for a near pin win UNTIL Gary Hessberger dropped his tee shot to 11 feet 4 inches… Sorry Mike. Gary also sunk his birdie putt… good for a $38 near pin AND an $11.40 skin = $49.40!

Yes, Gary’s skin was worth a paltry $11.40 because for the first time this year we have many skin winners… as in a total of five… Daniel Eignor birdied the first hole with a long putt; his partner Thomas Chairvolotti birdied #5; Gary birdied #6; Cody Rieder had the lone birdie on #7; and Dan O’ birdied #8. Sorry Jamie Wilson… your birdie on #9 would have taken a skin but YOU GOTTA BE IN IT TO WIN IT… $11.40 per skin…this week. Next week near pin will be on #5… biggest green on the course.

Speaking of #5 (and #1 too)… I aereated the new front sections of each of those greens. The “plus” tines I used don’t cause a lot of surface disruption. I threw a couple of wheelbarrows full of sand mixed with the last 5 pounds of bentgrass seed. I cast the mix with a shovel since my broadcast spreader seemed incapable of spreading. I’ll water those sections of greens daily and I figure to mow the front sections of green (with our trusty Jacobsen PGM21 push greens mower) for at least another 6 weeks…

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