Gone Too Soon…

Nick Malaxos, retired owner of MANY of this area’s best pizzarias throughout the last several decades has succumbed to COVID-19… He was one of the first customers we saw upon opening MGC in 2001. For a while he gave up on golf because he couldn’t find anyone to play with. We talked him into joining our Men’s League a few seasons ago and Nick (nicknamed “play by play” by some of his partners and opponents for his persistent banter) was never alone on the golf course again. His “on again, off again” game won him “Sandbagger of the Year” honors because if you caught him on a good week you were going to lose a whole lot of points – yet the following week, perhaps because he thought he had it all figured out Nick would return to Earth and maintain what some would say was an unfairly generous handicap.

Nick forged a partnership with MGC’s lowest handicapped golfer Mike Lor, 50 years his junior on the calendar but apparently of similar age inside where it counts. Nick often found himself playing with “the kids” and he fit right in. The two of them won the championship of our inaugural Fall League in 2019… Nick may not have looked it but he was a sportsman… a real competitor who used his membership at MGC to take every opportunity to play and practice in an effort to get the most out of his game. Year in and year out he hit more balls and played more holes than any other customer.

Both Julie and I will miss his counsel with regards to surviving the ups and downs of business… I’m sure we all will miss him each in our own ways. Go ahead and leave a comment; a memory; a thought to our friend and colleague gone too soon. Goodbye old friend, for now…

I helped his chipping but never could tame that reverse pivot!

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