Men’s League Week 7 Results

The team of Thomas Chairvolotti / Daniel Eignor have dislodged Jamie Wilson / Christopher Stevens from the top spot… but only by 3 points (that’s one hole in one match… virtually a tie since we’ve already played 63 holes of competition!) Seven teams are over the 400 point mark for the season so it’s still anybody’s ball game. Four of those seven teams have a player in his first season playing at MGC… New blood!

Despite the “British Open” like conditions (hard pan fairway lies and unreceptive greens demanded that shots be rolled onto rather than flown to the target) we still managed to have almost half of the field (17 of 36) shoot net par (29) or better… Great scoring you all! Newcomer and full member Jonathan Crane (team 18) shot a blistering (no pun intended in this hot weather) 33 net 23Mike Chairvolotti might be finding the touch again after shooting a 34 net 26 and his son Thomas (now playing to a 2 handicap) was just a stroke behind with a 31 net 27. Nine… count ’em NINE “bogey” golfers shot net par or better…

Our Skins / Near Pin pool drew 23 participants again (new blood replaced a couple of you who dropped out last week so we can do better…) So that puts $69 into the Skins and $46 into the Near Pin (on #4 this week) … It looked for a while like Mike Lor would grab the near pin but lo and behold he was edged by … Danny Eignor who snuck one inside 10 feet to grab the $46… he could have had a skin too had he converted the birdie putt but he kicked in a par to settle for the near pin money. Skins were divvied up once again – this week by THREE… James Williams’ birdie on #5 brings him a $23 dividend; young ace Thomas Chairvolotti’s birdie on #6 got him his latest share of the pool; finally no one else could stick it and sink it on “Little River” #8 except for Mike Lor – he took the final skin of the day. Next week we play on “Towards Home” the 170 plus yard par 3rd hole… But where will the tees be?

I’ve emailed all of you with addresses on file an updated Roster for you to utilize in the event that (1) you can’t make it at 4:30PM Wednesday (2) You’d like to play at a time or day other than 4:30PM Wednesday (3) You need to arrange for a substitute… that’s what the list is for… do use it to keep your opponents informed. Nobody likes to wait around an hour and a half because you neglected to inform your opponents and/or your partner… “Do unto others as…”

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