Men’s League Week 10 results

Another week in the books – is Summer REALLY more than half baked? Are there really only six weeks between now and Labor Day? So with it being PRIME Golf Season I hope you’re all getting your priorities in order and playing more golf! (Our inaugural Friday night scramble is … tomorrow night …) The hole-in-one insurance policy is in place and so is the putting contest – we’d love to write a big check with your name on it but as I’ve said before – you gotta be in it to win it!

The team standings continue to be volatile but Jamie / Chris still managed to hang onto a slim lead over Thomas / Daniel who gained a little ground with a 51.5 – 38.5 win (despite Tom Squires (34 net 25!!) going stroke for stroke with Thomas (I’m a 1 handicap) Chairvolotti (34 net 33) ). Jamie and Christopher had there hands full playing last year’s champs Dan / Rich McGlynn dropping their match 52.5 – 37.5… Dan O’Neil (32 net 26)/ Mike Rockwood (37 net 28) didn’t need any handicap strokes and made a big move into third place defeating Mike Lor / John Mulloy straight up posting a 70.5 – 19.5 dusting of the lowest handicapped team in the league. Cody / Owen fell back out of the money into 5th place having to give up 9 strokes apiece to Jan / Lou. Jan (38 net 27) seemed to hang just a stroke back from Cody almost every hole and Lou (51 net 33) flip-flopped bad hole / good hole (a true memorial to the late Nick Malaxos) to grab a big handful of points from Owen…

Both Lou Capello and Yvan Luxama (47 net 29) have a stroke shaved from their handicaps (down to 17) and remain locked in a heated battle for most improved golfer (read: Sandbagger of the Year).

Closest to the pin was on “Little River” – the toughest little par 3 in the Catskills… it lived up to its reputation as only Thomas (leading $ winner) Chairvolotti managed to somehow win it with a tee shot that was about as far from the hole as you could get (almost 20 feet) (after all the green’s diameter is 40 feet)… With $110 in the pot that shot earned Thomas another $44. Skins were divvied up three ways… Derrick Black put yet another birdie in on a par 4 … this time on the first … and was not denied so he earned his first skin of 2020 for $22… Mike Lor added $22 to his 2020 skins winnings with a birdie on #2 (where a hole in one in tomorrow’s scramble will earn $5k!) and Dan O’Neil kept the big mo’ going with a nice birdie putt and a skin win on #9 for his $22 share. Next week’s near pin on the expansive 7th green… “The Point”.

…the end of another beautiful day here in paradise

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