Men’s League Week 12 results

Another week – another storm. Fortunately it came after all matches concluded. Unfortunately it didn’t come in time to soften conditions on the course which remained “British Open” firm. Seems like the “low game” was in order as lies in the fairway and on many surrounds were TIGHT and HARD … those hard pan lies call more for a “Texas Wedge” (your putter) instead of the oft mishit 60 degree lob wedge…

Well at least ONE player seemed to figure out how to score in these conditions: Substitute Aarne Lofgren played with Dan O’Neil and carded a nifty low gross 32 net 24 (as did Thomas Chairvolotti 32 net 30)… (This immediately cut Aarne’s handicap 3 strokes to a 5). Dan / Aarne edged Harry Saslow / Peter Barcia 46-44 in this week’s closest match.

In other matches – First Place team 11 Jamie Wilson / Christopher Stevens dropped a 53-37 decision to Mike Lor / John Mulloy but still managed to hold onto their first place standing over Mike Chairvolotti / Tim Maxim by a slim 7 point margin. Mike / Tim outpaced Justin Callahan / Zach Golden 55-35 to gain ground on the leaders. Next week features a 1st place vs 2nd place showdown between these two teams.

Other teams “in the money” include 3rd place Thomas Chairvolotti / Daniel Eignor who took a 59-31 decision over now 6th place Cody Rieder / Owen Sanford paced by Daniel’s 34 net 27 showing. Mitch (33 net 30) and Larry Hull (42 net 34) made a big move into 4th place with a 65-25 decision over Tom Squires (40 net 32) / Bill Reed (44 net 32) that was a lot closer on the scorecards than the points would indicate. The hole by hole match play points really tallied the Hull’s way.

Our closest to the pin on #6 proved to be a real nail biter as Jamie Wilson (33’3″) eked out the win with a 2 INCH advantage over Richard Stokes (33’5″) That’s a margin of victory of less than 1/2 of 1% !! With 22 players and $110 in the pot that’s a $44 win for Jamie… congratulations!

Now to divvie up the $66 skins pot… Dan Gulino, Larry Hull, John Mulloy, and Lenny Millen all had birdies… on the 8th hole … so no skin there! Pars everywhere else got covered too so that means that next week’s SKINS pot has a $66 CARRYOVER… Should make for a big payoff or payoffs for next week’s skins winners. Remember… if you played this week then next week’s game will cost you $5… if you didn’t play this week it will cost you $8. (to win the big skins pot) Next week’s near pin will be on the 5th hole. You gotta be in it, to win it!

Save the Date! The East Branch MGC Team Championship is Sunday, August 23 !!!

Nine holes, four player scramble – assemble your winning team and get your names etched into the champion’s cup and HISTORY!

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