Men’s League Week 15 results

Two more weeks to go and the standings are cast in soft clay and not in stone… Six teams within 50 points of the lead! Thomas Chairvolotti (40 net 37)/ Daniel Eignor (40 net 34) jumped from third back into first place with a 52-38 win over young Ryan Sanford (41 net 36) (sub for Derek Black) / Jonathan Crane (46 net 38). Total holes won for Thomas/Daniel made the difference. Thomas/Daniel will be facing last years champs Dan Gulino / Richard McGlynn in Week 16 action. Last week’s leaders Jamie Wilson / Christopher Stevens swapped spots with the new leaders into third place. Jamie (40 net 32) / Chris (43 net 31) lost 67.5 – 22.5 to the resurgent team of Dustin Hall (36 net 30) / Casey (I almost beat Dustin) Sidorowicz (36 net 27) Casey had his best round of the season and finished with the low net for the week. Jamie / Chris face off against Lenny Millen (and in a battle that could decide who receives the “Nick Malaxos sandbagger of the Year” award) Yvan Luxama. The Hull family Mitch and “my handicap better go up” Larry kept their hold on second place despite taking a 52-38 loss to Jan (pronounced “Yan” not “Jan like Jam”) Joroff and Lou (I’m just out here for fun) Capello. I’m sure Larry thinks Lou should be on the “Sandbagger of the Year” ballot too after posting a (somewhat reasonable) 49 net 32. No worries Larry, your 45 net 37 must have pushed a pretty good score off of your record because you’ve picked up 2 strokes. You’ll still be giving this week’s opponent Bill (Mr. “Little River”) Drew 3 strokes… but that’s better than the 5 you would have yielded in week 15. Mitch / Larry face off against Skip Parcell / Bill Drew this week.

Yup… Bill Drew… not sure where I can hide the pin on the eighth hole because low and behold he managed to roll in a hole in one in the East Branch MGC championship on Sunday. Rolled it in … a 270 foot skulled gap wedge that might as well have been a putter. Good thing the bar’s not open at the All American BBQ because with 43 golfers on the course he would have rung up one heck of a bar tab!

Mike Lor (33 net 31) / John Mulloy (37 net 34) held onto the last money slot (4th place) despite dropping a close 51-39 decision to Cody Rieder (37 net 32)/ Owen Sanford (40 net 31). Mike/John face off against the dangerously cavalier Jan/Lou…

Fifth Place Mike Chairvolotti / Tim Maxim will face off against Cody / Owen. Sixth place Dustin Hall/Casey Sidorowicz play Tom Squires / Bill Reed.

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