Men’s League Week 17

Many of you have asked politely for the reports for week 17… and here they are. Thank you for being a part of the most subscribed and best attended league yet. Eighteen teams – a full slate! I’ve heard rumors that some of you might be looking to pack in your clubs… not just for this season but as in “retiring” from league? Well perhaps I can hold onto you guys and maybe bring in a few more teams by offering (like we did with one of our scrambles) a “champions league” for those aged 50 and over… What do YOU think? I’ve run this by a couple of our members and they think it could work. Talk to me about it at Wednesday’s dinner.

Speaking of dinner… The menu is slated to be:

  • 16 oz Porterhouse Steak
  • oven roasted garlic potatoes
  • grilled vegetables / mushrooms
  • corn on the cob
  • tossed salad

If you’re looking to bring a guest we’re asking for $25 to cover food and drinks

Fall League is slated to start Wednesday September 16. Sign up will be at the dinner. League fee is anticipated to be $35 per player. Depending upon number of teams signed up I anticipate either a single round robin tournament (like we just had for summer league) or we may have to break the league into two or more divisions and conduct a quick playoff between division winners to decide a champion. Again we’ll discuss this at the dinner.

Well Dan Gulino ( $$$ dollar Dan last year) broke through in week 17 taking the “everybody is automatically entered” closest to the pin (on or off the green) on the 8th hole (339 inches) for a $72 “I’m buying the drinks” win… especially when you add in the $39 skin he took with a birdie on the fifth hole! Joining Dan as a skin winner is our other Dan… Daniel Eignor… who grabbed his own $39 skin on the 6th hole with his own birdie. Finally, first time league member Cody Rieder had the only birdie on the par 4 ninth hole to close out skins for the 2020 Men’s League.

OK here’s your reports. Including your final team standings…Surprises, galore?!

Thank you again for absolutely the best Summer league yet… I hope that you enjoyed your dinner (despite the delay in getting it to the table). Also a big congratulations to our winners (see the Final Standings report) and to Lou Capello, who edged out Yvan Luxama by LOSING a one hole playoff after the balloting for the Nick Malaxos Memorial Sandbagger of the Year ended up in a deadlock. So many of our golfers improved by leaps and bounds this season… but only one could be named the Nick Malaxos Sandbagger of the Year… Congratulations Lou!!!

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