The 2020 Fall League – All in place

Week 1 got off to a rocky start as our 10 teams promised to make scheduling a bit of a headache. Thankfully long time member James Litaker jumped in and grabbed partner Yvon Luxama to create team 11… but what about team 12…? Well Julie got to work and twisted James Williams’ arm in what looked to be either an Americana or Kimura shoulder lock and to stop the pain James tapped… but who to partner with? It was looking for a short while that the substitute of last resort, yours truly, was going to have to put the steel wool to my irons and play but NO! Tuesday morning long time customer Taylor Christofhel showed up asking if he could sub into the league (and I talked him into joining!) So there you have it… 12 teams… two divisions of 6 teams each. A five week round robin and two weeks of playoffs among the top four teams to determine the champs.

Here’s your teams for Division One:

  1. Dustin Hall / Justin Callahan
  2. Dylan Beaumont / Casey Sidorowicz
  3. Skip Parcell / Bill Drew
  4. Derrick Black / Jonathan Crane
  5. Dan Gulino / Fred Wedding
  6. Mike Lor / Ryan Sanford

Here’s your teams for Division Two:

  1. Jamie Wilson / Christopher Stevens
  2. Gary Hessberger / Ron Kutkiewicz
  3. Thomas Chairvolotti / Daniel Eignor
  4. Mike Chairvolotti / Richard McGlynn
  5. James Litaker / Ivon Luxama
  6. Taylor Christofhel / James Williams

10/21 and 10/28 will be playoffs between

  • Match 1 10/21 winner Div 1 vs 2nd place Div 2
  • Match 2 10/21 winner Div 2 vs 2nd place Div 1
  • Match 3 third place Div 1 vs 4th place Div 2
  • Match 4 third place Div 2 vs 4th place Div 1
  • Match 5 fifth place Div 1 vs 6th place Div 2
  • Match 6 fifth place Div 2 vs 6th place Div 1

winners play winners, losers play losers on 10/28

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