November Bonus Golf Weather

Sun and favorable temperatures through at least next Tuesday November 10 will allow us to open the gates for golf. Yes the official MGC closing was on Sunday, November 1… we’ve picked up the tee markers, trash cans, and range yardage signs; the water system is shut off, the porta-jon winterized and locked for the season… we’ve even had a few dustings of snow and freezing temperatures to reinforce that point. Ahhh but “Indian Summer” has suddenly raised temperatures for perhaps one final stretch this year… The COURSE will be OPEN… we’re charging non-members a nominal greens fee of $10. If the frost stays away we’ll be able to do a little maintenance Mon-Fri before 9AM but we’ll get the flags out in any case. Sunset is at 4:48 PM today and will continue to recede so plan accordingly.

The WeatherBug Forecast looks GREAT!

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