Wk 5 – and it didn’t rain

Sure it was threatening – around 4PM rumbles of thunder could be heard throughout the valley… A look at the radar revealed that Highmount and points east were experiencing a downpour but the old saying held true – “It never rains on a golf course!” Of course last night that was far from true… I might as well have jumped in a warm tub of water as sit upon the Jake F10 cutting rough on holes one and nine… And so thank goodness that league play proceeded smoothly today. Here’s to many more weeks of conditions like we had today.

New league leaders Justin (37 net 28) / Zac (personal best 34 net 24!!!) were more than up to the task as they shot a team best 71 net 52 … Their handicaps now fall to 7 and 8 respectively so can they hold the team lead? Second place Mitch and Larry Hull are only 9.5 points back – and Larry once again managed to score a near pin win on #4 … 18′ 4″… how about that? Their match against Casey / Dustin was a lot closer than the 53.5 – 36.5 score indicated. Everything hinged on the fifth hole – the Hull’s took it 7-0 … Sure, Casey / Dustin won the 2nd hole 5-2 … and the teams played the remainder of the holes dead even…wow.

Double Bogies on holes 5 and 7 resulted in “Mr. 32” Mike (Master of the Meadows) Lor posting a 34 this week… but after losing the first hole 7-0 against Jamie/Chris, team Mike/Jonathan won 5 holes and split 3 for a decisive 61.5-28.5 win and a firm hole on third place

Birthday celebrant James Litaker was in a tight match with playing partner Ken Steinbuch versus Lenny Miller / Derrick Black through 7 holes but ran away with the match on holes 8 and 9 to take a decisive 61.5-28.5 win and a spot in fourth place.

Rounding out the top 5 teams, the first hole proved decisive as 5th place Harry Saslow / Brian Wheaton were edged by substitute Tim Maxim / Gary Hessberger 53-37

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