Week 6 results – finally

So, as has been the practice of late, sometimes someone can’t make their match and ask to reschedule for a different night. Perhaps we should decide as a league that if you can’t play on league night then you get a substitute or take the ghost sub. TBD

Why would I take a hard line on this? Well… if even after you agree to reschedule and then consequently you no show… Not cool… Your commitment to play in the league is, in essence, a contract with the remainder of the league to play all of your matches to your best ability, or to get a substitute… etc. Please don’t let your fellow league members down. Play your matches! Honor your commitment.

Mike (Master of the Meadows) Lor SWEEPS near pin / skins for $90 with birdies on the first, third, and seventh holes and his near pin win on #3… This week back to #8…

surely the closest match of the year – the difference being the one stroke (net) edge Dan/Mike (67) had over Dan/Gary (68)
Casey/Dustin leapfrog into 5th place over Harry/Brian as both “A” players suffered a tough week
“Mr. 32”, “Master of the Meadows” Mike Lor breaks the mold again with a one under par 28 net 25 (despite a 3 putt bogey on #6) to hold off steady Mitch Hull’s 34 net 30. “Lucky” Larry Hull couldn’t pull off the 3-peat on near pins but still racked a 39 net 29 (so this week his handicap is back in single digits)
Another REALLY close match capped by Ken Steinbuch’s bid for the Nick Malaxos “sandbagger of the year” 36 NET 24. The 7th hole was the difference maker here.
Skip and Bill see two ghosts … Bill manages to break net par with a 42 net 27 to shave two strokes from his handicap.
Justin/Zach keep rolling in 1st place
Lenny/Derrick drop their match despite posting net 28/31 respectively as Tony (41 net 30) and Lou (personal best (?) 43 net 25) edge them out… Lou throws his hat in the ring to retain his sandbagger of the year title drops to a 16 handicap for this week.

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