…and finally… Week 10

OK everything, yup everything, has been running late. Greens have been running SLOW – walk mower was set maybe 0.1 inch higher than our normal .14″ so that slowed everything down. Took 4-5 hours to walk mow ’em so that set back mowing tees and fairways. Seemed to rain every day at 5PM so I couldn’t cut rough (the F10 uses ground driven reels and wet grass (particularly long wet grass) just won’t let those reels roll. So conditions last week were… challenging / different / frustrating. Thank you for either your understanding or your quiet protests – but we’re essentially caught up for our upcoming week 11.


The top 5 continues to churn (see standings below) as 9, count ’em 9, teams are within 100 points of first place with 2 weeks to go in our season’s initial round robin. Once completed I will manually schedule the last 4 week’s match ups to ensure that the top 5 teams face off against one another a second time. The other 9 teams will not be out of the running however. Good results could result in a come from behind team getting into the money…

On the skins / near pin contest… We had 16 players entered but it turns out that Mr. Meadows… the man with more rounds at MGC than anyone else in 2021… Gary Hessberger found his groove and took the only two skins AND the near pin (13′ 1″) over Jamie’s 45′ effort.. good for the whole $80 pot. Looks like Gary’s playing with house money the rest of the year!

Substitute Ryan Sanford and Gary Hessberger both played handicap busting golf to take a big win over Tony Tanner and Lou (The Giant Killer) Capello
Dustin/Casey did just enough to outpoint Lenny/Derrick and keep their top 5 hopes alive…The Big Canuck played well (41 net 30) – punching his ticket on the Bogey Train (7) and he just couldn’t get off.
Mike / Jonathan did themselves a lot of good with a convincing win but Justin / Zach still managed to hold a spot in the top 5 despite the tough week
Closest match of the week… Chris Stevens played the hero against Ghost B with a 43 net 30 …
get well soon Bill Drew!
Mitch/Larry fall out of first place after a rare “off” week losing to sub Tom Squires (welcome back Tom!) and Mike Rockwood’s 46 net 31 edges Larry’s 43 net 33
Ken/James move into 1st place with Ken holding his own with a 41 net 31 to tie up Brian Wheaton and James shooting a handicap busting 37 net 26 to dominate a respectable 44 net 33 by Harry Saslow
After a dismal first three holes Fred Wedding shoots +5 over the last 6 holes to help lead his team to a 62-28 win over Ron / John

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