Week 14 highlights and results

Dustin / Casey narrowly defeat Justin / Zach 50-40 to fall a little bit into 2nd place in a match played early Wednesday (before heat / humidity / thunderstorms)… not a bad idea. While Justin / Zach each won their medal play matches by a net 3 strokes they lost the match play scoring by 1 hole each… a very close match. The Hulls took over 1st place with a dominant 64.5-25.5 performance over Mike/Jonathan where their 25 team points provided just enough to give them a 3.5 point lead in the standings.

While we suffered a bit with high temperatures and humidity there was nary a drop of rain…

An interesting week for skins / near pin (#8) … not a single tee shot found and held on that toughest little par 3 in the Catskills… so that means we’ll have a $34 carry over next week when surely someone will hit and hold on the generous 7th green. Skins also proved to be interesting… Our 17 contestants covered each other on every hole with par after par after par… only the statistically difficult 1st and 9th hole proved to be a real challenge… Hot hand Gary Hessberger had the only par on the 1st hole – until Brian Wheaton covered it with a par of his own on Friday‚Ķ that proved fortunate as his partner, Harry Saslow, managed to sink the one and only birdie putt of the week on his final stroke on his last hole to take the entire $51 pot all for himself !

In the meantime… here are the standings of the top 6 teams – all of whom played Wednesday. Keep in mind that the 7th and 8th place teams are within 50 points of 5th place… certainly not an insurmountable path into the $$$…

Next week the Hulls face off against James / Ken; Dustin / Casey play Jamie / Chris; and Mike / Jonathan play Zach / Justin
A really competitive match: Justin / Zach jumped ahead in the first 3 holes but Dustin / Casey reeled them in by winning the next 5 holes – the match play points made the difference
The Hulls roll to a big win – winning 3 holes (20-1), tying 3 holes, losing 2 holes (12-2).
They also took all 27 match/medal points.
Jamie / Chris had a steady net 32 / 33 respectively but that wasn’t enough to offset James’ 36 net 27. The match points (10-5 for team 14) account for much of the margin of victory
In what may be the closest match of the year substitutes Russ / Tim edged out Daniel / Gary in spite of Gary’s season best 31 net 24. Russ / Tim took the last two holes (11-3) to make up a 7 point deficit
Tony’s 36 net 27 was too much and Lou used his handicap strokes to win both par 4’s. The match was even after 2 holes, but Tony / Lou won 6 of the last 7 holes (and tying the 5th)
Another close match… the medal points for Lenny / Derrick formed the margin of victory
Brian / Harry faced a tough match and delivered a narrow win by shooting net 28 and 29 respectively. Ron / Kenny played tough with Ron going shot for shot against Brian and Kenny hanging in there until Harry grabbed the last three holes and the match finishing with an exclamation point birdie on #9

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