Can conditions get better?

Every year about this time… early June… I start thinking that I really know how to grow grass… I know better than to REALLY think I know what I’m doing – there have been several years when Mother Nature showed me a thing or two and suddenly conditions can take a turn for the worse and I’m left scratching my head thinking “Now what do I do?” … but not this week!

There’s a leak somewhere on the leg of the water system for holes 2, 3, and the nursery green so I haven’t watered the greens yet this season. I’m hearing the siren song from the fifth hole crying out “WATER!” So I’ll be breaking out the hoses for sure on Wednesday night after league concludes week 5…

If you haven’t been out here yet please do stop by soon because, as the title of the post says… “Can conditions get better”?

Here’s a view of #1 I took this morning…

And a different angle taking in #1, #8 & #9 tee

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