Men’s League Week 16 – the homestretch

This week… last two weeks of the season… and it’s going to be a real “horse race” to the finish! Six teams are within 50 points of first place and the standings are whipsawing back and forth like the American flag here in the parking lot today…

Two Weeks Ago:

  1. Jamie / Christopher
  2. Mitch / Larry
  3. Thomas / Daniel
  4. Mike Lor / John Mulloy
  5. Mike Chairvolotti / Tim Maxim
  6. Dan O / Mike Rockwood

Last Week’s standings:

  1. Thomas / Daniel
  2. Mitch / Larry
  3. Jamie / Christopher
  4. Mike Lor / John Mulloy
  5. Mike Chairvolotti / Tim Maxim
  6. Dustin / Casey

This Week’s standings:

  1. Mike Lor / John Mulloy 997.5
  2. Thomas / Daniel 987.5
  3. Mitch / Larry 983
  4. Mike Chairvolotti / Tim Maxim 978.5
  5. Dustin / Casey 959
  6. Jamie / Christopher 952.5

So here’s the schedule for these six teams – player (hdcp) |||Mike (3) / John (4) vs Skip (8) / Bill Drew (13) ||| Thomas (2) / Daniel (6) vs Mitch (3) / Larry (9) (OUR FEATURED MATCH) ||| Mike Chairvolotti (6) / Tim Maxim (7) vs Jan (7) / Lou (16) ||| Dustin (6) / Casey (8) vs James Williams (9) / Richard Stokes (13) ||| Jamie (8) / Christopher (13) vs Gary (7) / Ron (11)

Could and probably will be a pretty volatile and competitive week… good luck to all… may your best rounds be ahead!

Speaking of best rounds… our newest golfer and substitute, Fred Wedding, managed to pitch his hat into the ring as our newest candidate for “Nick Malaxos Sandbagger of the Year” after posting a blistering 39 net 21 (low net round for the SEASON)!!! Wow, apologies are owed to Dan O (37 net 29) / Mike Rockwood (45 net 35) who were on the receiving end of a very Nick Malaxos inspired performance…

Don’t forget to cast your ballots next week for “Sandbagger of the Year” … so far I nominate… in addition to Fred WeddingYvan Luxama who started the season as an 18 (but could have carried a 28) … Lou Capello who’s “just out here for fun” but manages to alternate some pretty respectable (and large point winning) rounds in between so-so rounds to maintain what some would say is a generous 16 handicap… Christopher Stevens leapt out of the gate shooting 46 net 29 in week 1 and he and Jamie have managed to hold onto 1st place for most of this season. He seems to have settled into a pretty steady low 40’s score but he sure has improved an awful lot this season. Any other nominees? Email me or send in a comment…

Sure only the first four places are assured of cash prizes at our dinner (Wednesday September 9, 5PM service – outdoor dining if at all possible) but we’ll be drawing a team out of a hat as well so you’ve all got a puncher’s chance of scoring your league fees and hence getting a free dinner for your trouble…

Mike Lor (32 net 30) and John Mulloy (33 net 30) had one heck of a week… not only did they leap into first place after posting 77.5 points on the scorecard in their match… they also took (A) the only two skins so they split that $72 pot (B) Mike also stuck the closest to the pin on the second hole (4′ 10″!!!) to take the $48 and last week’s carryover for a rather healthy $132 take for the week… wow!

Thanks also to Mike Lor for procuring a sod cutter. We’ll be resodding damaged portions of greens on Thursday September 3 and Friday September 4 after 5PM. More hands will make for easier work… any additional volunteers will be gratefully acknowledged.

short addendum: 8/30… Great to see more than 6 leaguers playing late Sunday afternoon! Three golf carts out on the course… one of you apparently likes to speed to the green and then lock up your wheels to come to a skidding stop on the green surround…! I don’t like it. Alter your behavior or you may find all of the cart’s governors altered to slow them to little more than walking pace. Got it? Thanks.

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