Fall League Week 3 results

Just found the 6th scorecard … seems like it didn’t find its way into the red coffee can (or did somebody hate the round and tossed it in the trash?)… Hard to know but by all means please do remember to deposit your scorecards into the red plastic can after your match.

Do keep in mind that we’re trying to present the best conditions possible at this time of year and can use some help clearing leaves off of holes 7, 8, and 9 … if you can spare some time do arrive early as on a breezy day (like we just had) leaves are falling like rain and even if I clear the greens and fairway in the morning conditions can deteriorate rapidly. (Thanks Fred Wedding for your gallant attempt Wednesday)

The standings with two weeks to go show that it is anybody’s ball game… new leaders can jump to the fore on any given day… every hole counts for both players when there are so many “team” points being awarded…

In Skins / Near Pin (5th hole) Dan Eignor racked up another skin with the lone birdie on the 4th hole. Birdies (and pars) on other holes were all covered either in or between divisions so… Congratulations Dan for you league fees covering $36 win! And while Dylan Beaumont took the $24 near pin with his tee shot word is that young Ryan bested his feat (but left his skins money in his jeans) … better luck next time… We’ll be competing on the 6th hole for week 4 so pin your $5 into your golf bag – you gotta be in it to win it!

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