Week 4 … Still Waiting

Matches in BOTH Division 1 and Division 2 are still missing … Dylan Beaumont / Casey Sidorowicz still need to play Derrick Black / Jonathan Crane. Their match is scheduled to be played Thursday. Jamie Wilson / Christopher Stevens have yet to play their week 4 match against James Litaker / Yvon Luxama. The match was scheduled for Monday, put off until Tuesday, and is yet to be played… James Litaker / Yvon Luxama also need to play their week 1 match against Taylor Christofhel / James Williams.

Playoff match ups (and the remainder of the Week 6 schedule will be determined on Sunday night. Please play your matches (or accept the consequences of your inaction)

As we’re about to play Week 5 matches I’ve closed off Week 4 skins / near pin. Congratulations are in order for:

  • Mike Lor (near pin on #5 and birdie on #8) $26
  • Ryan Sanford (par on #3) $6
  • Dan Gulino (birdie on #7) $6
  • Thomas Chairvolotti (par on #5) $6
  • Mike Chairvolotti (par on #4) $6

Week 5 closest to the pin is to be played on hole #7 (Big Green, middle pin)

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