Playoff Time! Fall League

In Division 1 newcomer Dylan Beaumont and partner Casey Sidorowicz narrowly win the regular season over Dustin Hall and Justin Callahan … 309-307.5

In Division 2 Jamie (the Bridegroom) Wilson and Christopher Stevens made up for their Summer League slump by running away with the division by 24.5 points over runners up (and defending Summer League champs) Thomas Chairvolotti and Daniel Eignor.

This week’s semifinal round then will feature:

  • Dylan Beaumont (5) / Casey Sidorowicz (6) vs Thomas Chairvolotti (4) / Daniel Eignor (7)
  • Jamie Wilson (7) / Christopher Stevens (11) vs Dustin Hall (6) / Justin Callahan (10)

We will be awarding 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and random team prizes after the finals on 10/28 remaining teams are welcome to play over the next two weeks and compete in skins/near pin but are not required to play… May I suggest the following matches?

  • Div 1 3rd vs Div2 4th (Derrick / Jonathan vs Gary / Ron)
  • Div 1 4th vs Div2 3rd (Mike Lor/Ryan vs Mike Chairvolotti/Rich McGlynn)
  • Div 1 5th vs Div2 6th (Dan G/Fred vs James Litaker/ Yvon Luxama)
  • Div 1 6th vs Div2 5th (Bill Drew/Skip vs Taylor/James Williams)

The current weather forecast for Wednesday is GOOD… hope to see you there!

Week 5 near pin on the 7th hole was won by Mike Chairvolotti … $28 And the skins were divvied up by 3: $14 each to Mike Lor, Thomas Chairvolotti, and Daniel Eignor!

This week’s near pin will be on the toughest easy par 3… the 8th hole… so easy, yet so hard! Good Luck to all. Thank you to all 24 of you who weren’t ready to put your clubs away… Thank you for your patience in playing through difficult conditions… this season’s fall league was our biggest ever. Julie and I are looking forward to 2021… our 20th year as owners … !!! Thank You!!!

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