Fall Playoff Semifinals

Twelve teams, two divisions of six teams each – a five week regular season and a two week tournament to determine the champs.

In our first matchup division one regular season champs Dylan Beauchamp (35 net 30) / Casey Sidorowicz (38 net 32) defeated division two regular season runner ups (and defending Summer league champs) Thomas Chairvolotti (37 net 33) / Daniel Eignor (37 net 30) 56.5 – 33.5

Our second match featured division two champs Jamie Wilson (37 net 30) / Christopher Stevens (49 net 38) versus division one runners up Dustin Hall (38 net 32) / Justin Callahan (44 net 34) In a close match decided by the 9 points awarded for most team aggregate holes won Dustin / Justin triumphed 48-42

Next week’s championship will be contested between Casey Sidorowicz (6) / Dylan Beauchamp (6) and Dustin Hall (7) / Justin Callahan (11)

Third place will be contested between Jamie Wilson (7) / Christopher Stevens (12) and Thomas Chairvolotti (4) / Daniel Eignor (7)

In other matches played on a beautiful Indian Summer day where temperatures hovered near 73 degrees… Mike Lor / Ryan Sanford defeated Mike Chairvolotti / Lenny Millen 56.5 – 33.5 and Gary Hessberger / Fred Wedding beat Taylor Christofhel / James Williams 73.5 – 16.5

Nine players joined the near pin / skins game ($45 pot – $18 near pin, $27 skins). No one hit and held hole #8 so we’ll try again on #8 next week with a carryover… pot to be awarded to near pin (on or off the green) Skins were divided by two… $13.50 to Mike Lor for the lone birdie on #5 and $13.50 to Mike Chairvolotti for his birdie on #9.

Leaguers in or out of the playoffs… come back for one more round on Wednesday and we will celebrate the winners with beer, burgers, and hot dogs… prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and one other lucky team!

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