Week 12 – in the home stretch

Another week, another team climbs into first place. Dustin / Casey sit on top going into the last week of the “initial round robin”… Now that I’ve surmised that we cannot mathematically run a five team round robin over four weeks (without a bye week) I’ve decided that we will extend the season an extra week – and the top SIX teams will play a five week round robin that will almost certainly decide our league champion. The other 8 teams will also play 5 matches and leaves open the possibility of a team climbing the ranks into “the money” … if you remember, our payouts for this season:

  1. $450
  2. $250
  3. $200
  4. $180
  5. $160
  6. (random team pick #1) $130
  7. (random team pick #2) $80

So… like a game of musical chairs one of our top 6 will be left out of the money… but we’ll also be paying out to two teams randomly… so half of our 14 team league will get at least some cash back…

Speaking of cash… This week’s closest to the pin proved to be quite a contest… 4 of you posted a number… Lenny started out with a 43’8″ effort… Mike “Master of the Meadows” Lor topped that with a 25’4″ shot only to be topped by Mitch Hull’s 21’1″ tee ball…But ultimately it was the Champ – Daniel Eignor – who trumped the field with a 6’4″ dart good for $36. His birdie effort didn’t fall, and with that newcomer Kenny Joseph’s birdie on #3 wins himself a $27 skin. Harry Saslow got edged out of a skin by the aforementioned Master Lor who matched Harry’s birdie on #7 with one of his own. Shed no tears for Mike Lor as his birdie on #9 takes the other half of the $54 skins pot for himself … a $27 reward to go along with his record setting season best gross 28 after sinking the birdie 3 on the 9th hole.

Daniel whomps Ryan but Fred Wedding’s MGC Swan Song cements his title as “Nick Malaxos Sandbagger of the Year” even if it will be awarded in absentia. Team 1 wins a close match
Dustin / Casey make a big move into first place; Casey takes over as “A” player after his 35 net 26
Tony Tanner shoots a great round… 40 net 27 … but can’t match up against Mike Lor’s record setting 28 net 24 !!! Mike / Jonathan’s big win move them into 5th place going into week 13
Neither “A” player was up to snuff but Christopher’s 39 net 26 carried the day over Derrick
“The Big Canuck” Black’s 39 net 30 and put Jamie/Christopher into 2nd place in a close match
Mitch / Larry fall to 4th as Justin Zach win by net one stroke each and now hover in 6th place
Welcome Back Bill (the Eagle) Drew.. Brian/Harry take a super close match by a thin net 1 stroke
Dan O’ had an off week and James shot a solid 39 net 30 but Mike Rockwood held his own with a 45 net 30 to keep the match close. The last three holes proved to be decisive for James/Ken who fall to third place but are still very much in the hunt.

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