2021 Fall League Up & Running

First week got played; Five of our Six teams showed up to kick off the season. Week 2 weather looks to be just fine. The master schedule will be a five week Round Robin (every team plays every other team once). If you like we can play week 6 with First Place team playing Second Place team, Third place team plays Fourth… etc. for our final week…

Team Number . Players

  1. Mike Lor / Jonathan Crane
  2. Jamie Wilson / Christopher Stevens
  3. Lenny Millen / Derrick Black
  4. Ron Kutkiewicz / Kenny Joseph
  5. Gary Hessberger / Dan O’Neal
  6. Dustin Hall / Justin Callahan
Jamie / Chris both shoot net par or better: win 6 holes, lose only 2, and tie 1 to win big
Lenny / Derrick go 6-2-1 to win big
Ron / Kenny shoot net par beating both ghosts by golfing net par

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