And at the wire… 2021 Men’s summer league final week

With summer beginning to draw to a close Labor Day Monday saw a single match as unfortunately, Wednesday September 8 promises to end this season as we started it… with rain. Monday and Tuesday look really fine so I’m hoping that we all talk to each other and put as many matches into the books as possible as dinner will be served at 6:30 PM Wednesday, rain or shine… we’re going to cap this season as our third season of fall league has to start pronto!

In our first match of week 18 Zach / Justin doubled up Mitch / Larry 60-30 in a match that was dead even 21-21 after 6 holes. Mitch / Larry won the 7th hole outright 7-0 before faltering on holes 8 and 9 losing both by 7-0 scores… this resulted in the Hulls giving up all 15 match play points and when combined with losing the medal (stroke) play points 10-2 we end up with a 60-30 win for Zach / Justin.

Next up on a beautiful Tuesday morning, DanO / Mike faced off against Brian / Harry. DanO / Mike prevailed in a competitive match 50-40 that was decided with match (holes won) points. See you all next season in our “Senior League”!!!

In the afternoon… immediately after playing their week 17 match (and giving them a first place points cushion) James Litaker / Ken Steinbuch faced off against Dustin Hall / Casey Sidorowicz in a match that ultimately decided the league championship. Their 72-18 win made up the gap vaulting them to the championship.

  1. Dustin / Casey – 1120 : $400
  2. James / Ken – 1096.5 : $250
  3. Zach / Justin – 1072.5 : $200
  4. Mitch / Larry – 1072 : $180
  5. Jamie / Christopher – 1058 : $160
  • Random draw 1: Gary / Dan E : $130
  • Random draw 2: Bill D / Kenny Joseph : $80
  • Week 18 closest to the pin #4: Daniel Eignor 19′ 8″ : $26
  • Week 18 skins: Lenny Millen hole 2, par : $19.50 ; Mike Lor hole 9, par : $19.50
Both Zach and Justin were 1 up in the match play (the 9th hole was the difference maker) and the medal (stroke) results contributed much to the 60–30 final tally
Brian finishes strong with another handicap busting 35 net 28 but Mike Rockwood’s 41 net 30 and +4 holes won matched Brian’s +4 over DanO after 8 holes but DanO’s bogie net par on the 9th hole was the difference maker and proved to be the margin of victory.
In a match played under sunny skies Tuesday Dustin / Casey punctuate the end of their season with an exclamation point taking 6 of the first 7 holes resulting in a dominating win.
Gary / Daniel fall hard 64-26 to Ghost A / Bill Drew as Bill put together a fine 44 net 29 to end his season
Mike’s handicap doubled (to 2 strokes) but that wasn’t enough as Jamie took advantage of his 6 strokes – shooting a fine 40 net 30; Christopher shot well enough as Jonathan’s post vacation round didn’t go well. Final score 64.5 – 25.5 : Chris/ Jamie leap into 5th place money and push Mike/Jon out.
After dropping 2 or the first 3 holes, Lenny / (sub) Kenny J won 5 of the last 6 holes to take a convincing 67-23 win over Ron / John Zummo (his first match back from a broken fibula!)
Tony / Lou play a solo round against the league averages and play well resulting in a 62.5 – 27.5 win

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