Week 5 Fall League results

First match pitting #1 vs #6 is in the books – though #6 Dustin / Justin are only in the cellar due to a demanding week 1 project that resulted in two ghosts… Both Mike (30 net 27)/Jonathan (38 net 28) and Dustin (36 net 30) /Justin (37 net 28) played fine golf but when the final hole was tallied the computer returned a 57.5 – 37.5 win for the formerly first place squad

Why formerly first place? Because perennial runners up Jamie / Chris had a dominant performance over Gary / DanO to take over first place going into the last week of the season… perhaps Gary pulled his back blowing leaves off of the 7th, 8th, and 9th greens because he had his worst performance of the season… and DanO couldn’t keep up with Christopher who posted another fine 41 net 29 to lead the team to the aforementioned dominant 68 – 22 final score.

The final match of the week pitted Lenny / Derrick against Ron / Kenny J … In total a pretty close match (net) but Lenny / Derrick won 5 and only lost 2 holes, and won both net stroke play matches to post a 67 – 23 win

So coincidentally, the week 6 matches (featuring 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, and 5th vs 6th) will be an exact replica of the week 1 matches: Mike / Jonathan vs Jamie / Christopher, Lenny / Derrick vs Gary / Dan O, and Ron / Kenny J. vs Dustin / Justin. Deluxe Burgers and fresh cut fries and beverages to immediately follow in the clubhouse.

Skins / Near Pin (8th) had Mike Lor and Justin dividing the pot amongst themselves. Mike parred holes 1, 6, and 9 while Justin parred 4 and birdied 8 to take two skins and the near pin on 8 squeezing his tee shot inside of 10′ and making the putt. Mike pockets $14.40; Justin $25.60 … next week we’ll finish up on #5 – statistically the second easiest hole of the season (cuz I know how much you all love/despise #8)

A close match when examining the strokes, but Mike/Jonathan won more holes and ultimately prevailed in the stroke play as well… The 7-0 first and fifth holes seem to be the difference makers
all even after 3 holes but Chris / Jamie won 5 of the last 6 holes taking 33 of the remaining 42 points
Lenny / Derrick go 5-2-2 and also win both total net matches to post a big win.

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