Men’s League Week 14 results

Only three more matches left? Really! So now the questions abound… “How do we score the league?” What’s the rule when…? So I’ve attached the “How the league is set up” report for anyone who is interested. Sorry that I still can’t post standings, skins, etc. because we’re still waiting for Dan G / big Rich vs Jan / Lou… Please guys get the match done ASAP and yeah you can still join skins / near pin on #4.

Have you organized your 4 player team for the East Branch MGC Team championship yet? Tournament cost is $35 per player … failure to pre register costs an extra $10… morning of event registration is $45 per player… so get organized and get registered! I’d like to know how much BBQ to cook and how much and many side dishes to prepare. (not to mention how much beer to buy)

There’s been quite a bit of churn at the top of the leader board this week… Jamie (41 net 33)/Chris (43 net 32) jumped two spots back into their now familiar spot at the top of the standings after posting a strong 66.5 – 23.5 performance (in a VERY close contest) against Peter Barcia (41 net 35) / Harry Saslow (42 net 34). Mitch (34 net 31) / Larry Hull (41 net 33) also jumped up two spots from fourth to second after their 62.5 – 27.5 win over Cody Rieder (37 net 34) and substitute Fred Wedding (57 net 40). The Chairvolotti teams both dropped in the standings… Thomas (36 net 33) / Daniel Eignor (45 net 39) fell from first to third when they dropped a 54.5 – 35.5 score to Skip Parcell (41 net 33) / Bill Drew (43 net 30). Dad Mike Chairvolotti (38 net 33) / Tim Maxim (44 net 38) fell out of the money into fifth place after dropping a 60.5 – 29.5 decision to Tom Squires (46 net 38) / Bill Reed (37 net 25!!! even after taking a snowman 8 on the first hole!). Mike Lor (34 net 32) / John Mulloy (31 net 26!) hopped up one spot into fourth place after posting a 72.5 – 17.5 score against James Williams (42 net 35) / Richard Stokes (47 net 36)

… Looking forward to seeing you at the East Branch MGC Team Championship!

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