Fall League Week 2 Results

Whew… with only two hours of daylight before 9 and after 5PM I’ve been a bit frazzled trying to maintain the golf course (and repair greens, and etc. etc.) OK no whining… I’ve got to get my league admin act together quick… We’re already 40% done with the season schedule and about to hit the halfway mark tomorrow!

We still have a Week 1 make up match to be played … team 5 – James Litaker / Yvon Luxama versus team 6 James Williams / Taylor Christofhel … please find a day and put this match in the books, OK?

The weather has held up nicely so far BUT it is getting DARK a lot earlier these days. If you can’t tee off by 5PM you might just consider calling in a substitute so you can get your 9 holes in before sunset (6:41PM tomorrow) You’ll have 100 minutes to play nine holes; that means playing “ready golf”… if you can hit your next shot safely, then hit it. No need to play the “who’s away” game… anticipate your next shot and be ready to play when it’s your turn. No need to rush – just be ready to play. Call your opponents and find out just how early you can start… the earlier the better.

Skins! Week 1 we only had ONE skin… lucky Dylan! This week we had SIX! That dilutes the winner’s shares but in any case…

  1. Dustin had the only par on Hole #2 (and he has Justin to thank for entering him)
  2. Mike Lor had the only par on Hole #3 (and had near pin on #4)
  3. Derrick Black birdied #5
  4. Daniel Eignor birdied #6
  5. James Williams birdied #8
  6. and Dylan Beaumont birdied #9

Each skin was worth $8.50 … near pin was $34 (and a $30 carryover from last week) so Mike Lor cashed in with $72.50!

In Div2 Thomas / Daniel lead Dad Mike Chairvolotti / Richard McGlynn by a mere 1.5 pts …. In Div1 Dustin / Justin lead Dylan / Casey with a 6 pt margin.

More fun to come!

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