Week 6 Preview

Weather and conditions will be absolutely spectacular today. Pins and tees have been altered throughout the course so previous rounds played might not be as helpful as one thinks… Closest to the pin will be contested on the 3rd hole – but tees have been moved up to approximately 155 yards – makes for an easier but very different golf hole. Correspondingly, the 4th tee has been moved all the way back to 170 yards.

Reviewing today’s matchups: Will first place Justin Callahan / Zach Golden be able to weather giving 4 and 9 strokes respectively to Ron Kutkiewicz / John Zummo? Mitch and Larry Hull each get a stroke from Mike Lor / Jonathan Crane – looks like a competitive match between current 2nd and 3rd place teams… Fourth place James Litaker / Ken Steinbuch play perennial contenders Jamie Wilson / Christopher Stevens: James gets 3 and Ken gives 1 stroke. Rounding out the top 5 – Harry Saslow / Brian Wheaton get 1 and 2 strokes respectively from Casey Sidorowicz / Dustin Hall.

Last season champ Daniel Eignor / Gary Hessberger have had a slow start but may have started to find a groove. They’ll be tested today by a resurgent Dan O’Neil / Mike Rockwood. Dan E. gets 1 from Dan O’ – Gary gives Mike 4… Skip Parcell / Bill Drew face off against Fred Wedding / Robert Skala – Skip gives 2; Bill gives 1. Two teams close in the standings – Lenny Millen / Derrick Black give 5 and 6 strokes respectively to Tony Tanner / Lou Capello – I think this foursome played a “dress rehearsal” match on Sunday (but I’m not sure how the results faired).

Enjoy the fine weather and conditions!

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